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Beauty Tip: How To Get Glam For Free In NYC

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new york haircuts
Photo courtesy of Wolfgang Lonien/flickr

By Jessie Festa, founder of NYC Photo Journeys

As many of you may know, I do private photo tours and photoshoots in NYC. Last week, I was taking around a couple from Australia when the woman complained that her straightening iron didn’t work in North American outlets even with her converter, so she had to splurge on a very expensive blowout in the East Village.

“Why don’t you just use Salon Apprentice?” I asked.

She stared at me, bewildered.

Obviously, she wouldn’t know what that is being from across the globe. What’s interesting, though, is that even when asking my local New York friends about their experiences with Salon Apprentice many have no idea what I’m talking about.

In this short but hopefully very informative post I’m going to give you my most budget-friendly NYC tip for getting glam: browsing the Salon Apprentice forum for free and uber cheap haircuts, coloring and blowouts.

For instance, I recently had the best haircut of my life — complete with scalp massage and complimentary mimosa — at Alibi NYC Salon in SoHo for $0, although I left a $20 tip based on the fact haircuts there are originally $75+.

new york haircuts
Feeling pretty at a BBQ after my haircut at Alibi NYC. I’m the one holding the wine.

Basically, how this works is that licensed cosmetologists apprentice at local salons to gain hours and experience, allowing them to earn a beauty education beyond their Beauty School certification. This means you can experience highly-rated New York salons, get a professional haircut or treatment, and save a ton of money.

Once in a while I also see postings that give the “models” — that would be you — a small stipend for their time. These slots fill up quickly but are worth a shot if you see them.

Before using Salon Apprentice I had used Lifebooker, an app similar to Groupon or LivingSocial focused on beauty and spa services. I’m not knocking this app as I know a lot of people who love it, and it is a great concept; however, after getting a bad haircut and two bad massages on there and having to pay for them I was keen to try something else. So far, Salon Apprentice has offered me great services and I’ve yet to be charged for any of them.

While most listings are for women, there are a few for men, as well.

Just a quick beauty and budget tip from a New York local for you all!

How do you get free New York haircuts and budget-friendly beauty services?

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