best Brooklyn Bridge photo spots

15 Best Brooklyn Bridge Photo Spots

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Looking for the best Brooklyn Bridge photo spots?

Then you’re in the right place!

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic and recognizable landmarks in New York City. Stretching across the East River from Manhattan to Brooklyn, this historic bridge dates back to 1883.

Walking across the bridge is one of the most popular tourist activities in NYC, and the bridge is a favorite spot for photographers.

Are you looking for the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge? Here are the top Brooklyn Bridge photo spots where you can snap amazing photos of this iconic architectural gem.

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Best Brooklyn Bridge Photo Spots

On that note, let’s go over some specific spots for amazing Brooklyn Bridge photography. These are some of the best places to take pictures in NYC. Remember that any of these can be incorporated into a private New York photoshoot:

1. Center Of The Brooklyn Bridge

One of the best Brooklyn Bridge picture spots is from on the bridge itself! With a pedestrian walkway stretching the entire length of the bridge, you can take a leisurely stroll and stop for plenty of photos along the way.

Along with the unique architecture of the bridge itself, you can also capture photos of the Lower Manhattan skyline from the bridge.

Tip: Walk towards the center of the bridge (about 15 minutes from either entrance) for the best shots of the bridge’s famous arched pylons. The closer you get to them, the better your photos will turn out. Just note you may want to avoid high heels, as the bridge’s walkway features spaces between its wooden planks.

the top of the Brooklyn Bridge arch
Photograph the bridge up close and personal while walking across it. Photo by Ling Tang on Unsplash.

2. Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is an iconic Brooklyn Bridge photo spot if you want to get a shot of the bridge from a distance. Located in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn β€” which stands for “Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass” β€” you can access this rocky beach at the intersection of Main Street and Plymouth Street.

From the beach, you’ll find the best place to view the Brooklyn Bridge and the Lower Manhattan skyline in the background, as well as the historic Jane’s Carousel, which has been on the waterfront for more than 100 years.

Tip: Be careful when climbing or sitting on the large rocks along the beach because they can get slippery.

photographing the Brooklyn Bridge from Pebble Beach in DUMBO
The Brooklyn Bridge from Pebble Beach at night. Photo by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash.

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Along with being one of the top NYC picnic spots, Brooklyn Bridge Park, as the name implies, is a great place for taking photos of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The park is located on the Brooklyn side of the bridge between Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO and offers one of the best free views in NYC.

This waterfront park is one of the top Brooklyn Instagram spots and is a gorgeous location for shooting photos with the bridge and the New York City skyline in the background.

Tip: While Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great photo spot at any time of day, you can also find the best view of Brooklyn Bridge at night here.

view of the BK Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge Park
View from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Isn’t the NYC skyline gorgeous? Photo by Flori & Almi Weit.Gereist on Unsplash.

4. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Rooftop

For a famous Brooklyn Bridge photo spot, head to the rooftop of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. This property is located in Brooklyn Bridge Park right by the iconic architectural landmark.

If you’re wondering how to see Brooklyn Bridge from above, this rooftop features the perfect vantage point and it’s a wonderful spot for taking photos of the bridge and the Lower Manhattan skyline.

Tip: There’s a restaurant and cocktail bar on the rooftop of the hotel, and reservations are highly recommended in advance.

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Studio Suite with a Brooklyn Bridge view at the 1 Hotel
Studio Suite with a Brooklyn Bridge view at the 1 Hotel. Photo via 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge / Expedia.

5. Emily Warren Roebling Plaza

Emily Warren Roebling Plaza is a newer addition to the best Brooklyn Bridge photo spots.

For a bit of background, Emily played a pivotal role in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge after her husband, Washington Roebling, the project’s chief engineer, became bedridden from caisson disease.

Although not originally trained as an engineer, Emily stepped in to serve as the project’s field engineer, learning the necessary engineering principles and managing communications between her husband and the construction site. When the bridge opened in 1883, she was the first to cross it, symbolically carrying a rooster for victory.

In that same groundbreaking spirit, this new plaza now makes it possible to pass right under the Brooklyn Bridge. If you’re looking to take unique photographs of Brooklyn Bridge, this is a spot you should definitely check out.

Tip: Emily Warren Roebling Plaza is the only place where you can photograph the Brooklyn Bridge from directly beneath it, meaning you can capture some really cool shots.

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6. Time Out Market Rooftop

Time Out Market is a popular destination close to the Brooklyn Bridge located in the DUMBO neighborhood. This food hall is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat after walking across the bridge.

But many people don’t realize that a famous photo spot of the Brooklyn Bridge is actually located on the rooftop of this bustling food hall. You can get a spectacular vantage point of the bridge from the roof.

Tip: The rooftop is home to a cocktail bar, and with outdoor seating, you can sit and enjoy stunning views of the bridge. Alternatively, there is a free-to-enjoy rooftop park attached to the eatery.

Brooklyn Bridge photo spot in DUMBO on the Time Out New York Rooftop
Posing for a photo with the Brooklyn Bridge atop Time Out New York Market. Photo via Jessie Festa.

7. Boat Tour

One of the more unique ways to photograph the Brooklyn Bridge is on a boat tour. There are many NYC skyline tours by boat that you can book that will take you by the Brooklyn Bridge, along with many other iconic landmarks.

Photographing the Brooklyn Bridge from a boat allows you to capture it from different angles that you would not otherwise see.

Tip: Book a sunset sailing if you want to see the bridge as the sun sets and the lights of the city start coming on.

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photographing the Brooklyn Bridge from the water
Brooklyn Bridge from the water. Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash.

8. Pier 17

The best Brooklyn Bridge view from Manhattan is Pier 17. Located in the South Street Seaport district of Lower Manhattan, Pier 17 overlooks the East River and has great views of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Walk out onto the left side of the pier for incredible unobstructed views of the bridge. You will also be able to photograph the Manhattan Bridge in the background.

Tip: The Rooftop at Pier 17 is a concert and events venue. It’s one of the coolest places to see live music in New York with the Brooklyn Bridge right behind it.

Brooklyn Bridge photographed from Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge as seen from Manhattan. Photo by Alexander Rotker on Unsplash.

9. The River Cafe

The River Cafe is one of the best restaurants with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Located on the waterfront, this restaurant is positioned in the shadow of the bridge and offers spectacular views.

Aside from the vista, The River Cafe is known for its upscale and inventive Italian cuisine. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining when the weather is nice.

Tip: Reservations are highly recommended for this restaurant. For the best chance of getting a window seat, book an early lunch or dinner reservation.

River Cafe sitting at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge
River Cafe sitting in the footprint of the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo via Joe Mabel via Wikimedia Commons.

10. East River Greenway Two Bridges

Another one of the best Brooklyn Bridge viewing spots from Manhattan is the East River Greenway in Two Bridges.

Two Bridges is a Lower Manhattan neighborhood that, as the name not-so-subtly suggests, is bordered by two bridges, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.

Along the East River Greenway, a walking and biking path that runs right along the river, you can get beautiful views of both bridges.

Tip: This is a great New York bridge photography spot at any time of day, but you can catch some amazing lighting at sunset.

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11. Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1

If you’re looking for the best Brooklyn Bridge Park photo spots, don’t miss Pier 1. Located right next to the bridge, it’s a stunning location to get some up-close photos of the Brooklyn Bridge with the East River waterfront in the background.

You can also get some incredible shots of Lower Manhattan, including One World Trade and other iconic buildings.

Tip: You can catch the NYC Ferry from this pier. The East River Ferry will take you right under the Brooklyn Bridge.

View of the Brooklyn Bridge from Pier 1
Brooklyn Bridge from the pier. Photo by Beatrice Neagu on Unsplash.

12. Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Brooklyn Heights is one of the most charming neighborhoods in New York City and features a top Brooklyn Bridge picture spot. Located close to the bridge, it’s known for its historic brownstones and picturesque tree-lined streets.

You can snap lots of classic New York pictures from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, which is a pedestrian walkway stretching along the river.

Not only can you get photos of the Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s also an excellent spot for photographing the Downtown Manhattan skyline.

Tip: This is a great photo spot to check out at sunset and at dusk for dramatic lighting.

view of Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn Heights Promenade
View of Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Photo by Prasad Panchakshari on Unsplash.

13. Jane’s Carousel

Jane’s Carousel is a gorgeous spot for taking unique photos with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. This carousel, located in the Empire Fulton Ferry area right on the waterfront, dates back to 1922.

This quaint glass-enclosed carousel offers scenic views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan skyline, and the East River in the background.

Tip: If you’re looking for a unique place to take photos of the bridge, this is an excellent location. It’s possible to get photos on the carousel with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background if you time it right. Tickets are $2.

Jane's Carousel in DUMBO
Historic Jane’s Carousel overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo by Samantha Sun on Unsplash.

14. NYC Ferry

For unique pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge, take the East River Ferry from Pier 11 / Wall Street station. A one-way ticket costs $4 and allows you to get a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge from the water.

This ferry makes a stop in DUMBO and then continues on directly under the Brooklyn Bridge towards its next stop.

Tip: Stay on the ferry until you get to East 34th Street for a scenic ride that passes under not only the Brooklyn Bridge but also the Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge. You can enjoy great Manhattan skyline views too.

person taking the NYC Ferry for Brooklyn Bridge views from the water
Take the NYC Ferry for bridge views from the water. Photo by Dana Andreea Gheorghe on Unsplash.

15. Washington Street

Finally, although it’s not the best viewpoint of the Brooklyn Bridge, Washington Street is a DUMBO photo spot you can’t miss. It’s one of the most Instagrammable places in Brooklyn β€” and NYC as a whole!

This street, specifically the block right before it dead-ends into the waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park, is the best Manhattan Bridge photo spot.

The Manhattan Bridge is another iconic NYC bridge connecting Manhattan (Chinatown) and Brooklyn (DUMBO), and since it’s so close to the Brooklyn Bridge, you shouldn’t miss checking it out.

Afterward, you can head into the adjoining Brooklyn Bridge Park for views of the Brooklyn Bridge. Or, you might consider walking the Manhattan Bridge as it runs parallel to the BK Bridge and offers great views of it.

Tip: This DUMBO picture spot can get crowded, but with some patience, good timing, and creative camera angles, you can easily get a photo without anyone else in the background.

Manhattan Bridge as seen from Washington Street in DUMBO
Washington Street is one of the most iconic Instagram spots in Brooklyn. Photo by Redd F on Unsplash.

How To Take Pictures On The Brooklyn Bridge

Now that you know the best Brooklyn Bridge photo spots, here are some tips for getting the best shot.

Get to the Brooklyn Bridge early. One of the best things you can do is arrive early in the morning. Not only is the Brooklyn Bridge an extremely popular tourist attraction, but commuters also use it in the mornings to get to work. Arriving very early is your best bet. Around sunrise has great lighting for photos too.

Know where to enter. Entering the bridge from the Brooklyn side and walking towards Manhattan will allow you to get some famous New York City skyscrapers like the One World Trade and the Empire State Building in the background of your photos.

Get centered. Want the best photo spot on the Brooklyn Bridge? Here’s a tip: If you want to get the iconic arched pylons of the bridge in your photos, walk toward the center of the bridge and get as close to them as possible. From either entrance, it’s about a 15-minute walk to the center of the bridge.

Know where the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian entrances are. When it comes to entering the bridge to take your Brooklyn Bridge pictures, there are pedestrian entrances on the Manhattan side and the Brooklyn side.

The location of the pedestrian entrance in Manhattan is at the intersection of Centre Sreet and Park Row across from City Hall Park. You will see lots of vendors outside selling souvenirs and this entrance is hard to miss. There’s also a smaller entrance from the Park Row Underpass, but most people will just enter the bridge from the main entrance.

On the Brooklyn side, there are also two entrances. These two are further apart, so which one you use will depend on where you’re coming from. The main entrance is located at Tillary Street and Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard. If you’re coming from Downtown Brooklyn or Brooklyn Heights, this is the closest entrance.

There’s also an entrance at the Brooklyn Bridge Underpass. This is located at the intersection of Prospect Street and Cadman Plaza East. If you’re in the DUMBO area, this will be the closest entrance.

woman posing on the Brooklyn Bridge
Head toward the center of the Brooklyn Bridge for great shots. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Hotels With A Brooklyn Bridge View

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Brooklyn Bridge Tours

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Photographing the Brooklyn Bridge with One World Trade in the background. Photo: Arthur Brognoli via Pexels.

Brooklyn Bridge Photo Spot FAQ

Now that you know some of the best Brooklyn Bridge photo spots, let’s go over answers to some commonly asked questions about planning a Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot so that you’re fully prepared.

Q) What is the DUMBO Instagram spot address?

While there isn’t an exact address as you can take photos all along Washington Street in DUMBO, you can put the address of Joe’s Coffee at 45 Washington Street Brooklyn NY 11201 into your Google Maps.

Q) Where can I see the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan?

There are many great spots to view the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan, such as from Pier 17, a rooftop bar like Manhatta, or an observation deck like the One World Trade Observatory.

Q) Why is the Brooklyn Bridge so famous?

The Brooklyn Bridge is renowned as one of the earliest and most iconic suspension bridges. Its blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal has made it an enduring landmark and a representation of the city’s spirit and innovation.

Q) Who built the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge was designed by John A. Roebling. After his untimely death, the construction was overseen and completed by his son, Washington Roebling, with significant assistance from Washington’s wife, Emily Warren Roebling, especially after Washington fell ill.

Q) What cities does the Brooklyn Bridge connect?

The Brooklyn Bridge doesn’t connect two cities, but instead the two NYC boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. In terms of neighborhoods, it connects Lower Manhattan and DUMBO, Brooklyn.

couple posing at Manhatta rooftop bar with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background
Taking a selfie at Manhatta rooftop bar with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Brooklyn Bridge Photo Spots: Final Thoughts

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks. Not only is it historic, but it’s also stunning, helping to add beauty to your photos.

Whether you want to take Brooklyn Bridge photos on the bridge, near the bridge, or from above the bridge, you’re sure to get stunning pictures you’ll cherish forever. Hopefully, the above guide has helped you choose the best Brooklyn Bridge photography spot for your shoot.

And if you’d like help with capturing photos of the BK Bridge with you in them, make sure to check out our NYC photo tours and custom photoshoots!

What best Brooklyn Bridge photo spots would you add to this list?

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