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5 Not-To-Miss Vintage Shops In New York

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By Shania Russell

Shopping in New York City is a tough adventure to make it through as is. But when you’re sifting through the vintage clothing scene, it gets all the more difficult.

Seeing as New York is full of stores that claim to be vintage and thrifty, you may end up doing plenty of pursuing and finding nothing – though luckily this city is also full of gems just waiting to be unearthed.

If you’re interested in being the one to dust them off, you should check out these five spots for vintage shopping in NYC. Bonus: These spots are also great if you’re looking for the best New York souvenirs that go beyond cheesy novelty store finds.

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1. Starstruck Vintage

47 Greenwich Ave, Manhattan 

vintage shopping in nyc
Check out Starstruck Vintage! Via Starstruck Vintage Facebook page

If it’s the full vintage experience you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place; Starstruck is vintage in ambiance as well as product.

With music right off the record player, fedora hats that litter the shelves, and a vintage t-shirt display that dives right into music history, you’ll find yourself believing that you’ve stepped back in time.

From fur coats and cocktail dresses to leather jackets and western wear – no matter the occasion you’re dressing for, you’re guaranteed to walk out satisfied.

Although the store overall is a bit on the expensive side, prices are generally fair considering the product quality; and well worth it if you’re really dedicated to upping your rockstar look!

2. AuH2O Thriftique

84 E 7th Street, Manhattan 

If you’re really looking to get thrifty, then look no further. Despite the small size of the store, AuH2O is guaranteed to have something you want.

This small boutique understands the struggle and aims to put forward an affordable and accessible selection.

Most items in the store are under $25 – not to mention the $5 and $10 racks.

The best part is, rather than packing the cozy space with as much clothes as possible, AuH2O focuses on quality. This shop is curated and handpicks every item in their stock to assure the selection is wide and distinctive. So while this may not be the perfect store for your specific wants, it is a store that was meant to be browsed through.

Everything from handwoven dresses to vintage leather purses awaits you, and it’s all begging to be purchased!

3. Beacon’s Closet

10 w 13th Street, Manhattan & Brooklyn locations in Bushwick, Greenpoint and Park Slope 

vintage shopping in nyc
Don’t miss shopping at Beacon’s Closet! Photo via Beacon’s Closet

Prepare to breathe in style with Beacon’s Closet- it’s their specialty. Everything from the clothing selection to the design of the store takes a fashion-forward approach.

If you manage to survive beyond the fairy lights and glamorous mannequins, it’s the shoes that’ll strike you next.

What this shop offers is not your usual selection of footwear, so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for, along with something more.

And once you’ve found the perfect shoes, you’ll have no trouble putting together the perfect outfit: the merchandise is organized by color! The simplified search will bring you through a massive selection of high-end designers – everything from Alexander Wang to Victoria Beckham – all reasonably priced!

This franchise thrives for a reason. They’ve strived to establish their brand as “trendy”, and they’ve been more than successful in doing so.

4. Metropolis Vintage

43 3rd Avenue, Manhattan 

For all your hardcore throwback needs, Metropolis is the place to be; it only takes a couple of seconds sifting through the racks for this to become apparent.

Another shop well known for t-shirts, Metropolis offers everything from vintage Prince tees to souvenir Return of the Jedi shirts; whether you’re looking to the valuable collectibles on the walls or the hidden treasures in the $7 bins, the selection is wide and you’re bound to find something of interest.

If you manage to wrench yourself away from the tees, you’ll find that the venue is rather extensive with its vintage selection.

They offer everything from genuine military jackets to the sort of 80’s boots you’ve only ever seen on TV. The store, overall, bleeds authenticity in a manner that’s easy to appreciate.

5. Cure Thrift Shop

11 E 12th Street, Manhattan 

This softly lit vintage shop has a boutique-like feel to it; something that comes as a surprise considering the size of its space. But despite its two floors of room, Cure manages to be crammed with products – which works out perfectly because it promises variety!

And sure enough, while clothing dominates the store quantity-wise, there are always a number of other things to catch your attention.  

The ever-changing selection of antique furniture practically lines the walls; not to mention the scattered selection of quirky accessories that accompanies it.

Racks upon racks of scarves, earrings, artwork and what can only be described as conversation pieces litter the store just begging to be purchased.

And while their products may lean towards the expensive side, one of the best things about Cure is the fact that all proceeds are donated directly to the Diabetes Research Institute – so it’s well worth the cost!

What are your favorite spots for vintage shopping in NYC?

Happy hunting!

Featured image via rose_mcavoy/Pixabay

vintage shopping in nyc
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