best bagels in nyc

These Amazing NYC Bagels Will Blow Your Mind

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best bagels in nyc
These Amazing NYC Bagels Will Blow Your Mind. Photo via Ruocaled/flickr.

By Marie Cyprien

New York City is known for its’ diverse food. Go to any borough in the city and you’ll find a variety of cuisines ranging from Moroccan fusion to a Vietnamese sandwich shop that can often be found in hole-in-the-wall places but filled with foods that give your mouth a little taste of heaven.

Before you try that, it’s important to try what is arguably the most popular delicacy in all of NYC; a good ol’ New York-style bagel.

Yes, that’s right. Although bagels are not known as a gourmet delicacy around the world, they are quite important to many New Yorkers during their morning rush hour to work, which is one reason why there are many unique bagel places to try when visiting the city.  Here are five of the most well-known and delicious (I must say so myself) bagel shops to try during your time in the Big Apple:

1. Black Seed Bagels

What makes this East Village bagel shop stand out is the fact that their bagels are a mixture of a Montreal-style and New York-style bagel. They start with yeast-raised dough then hand-roll it before boiling it in honey-sweetened water, which is where the Montreal style comes in.   The finishing touch is the wood-burning oven that bake the bagels to a soft and tasty perfection that can go with any type of cream cheese. You shouldn’t miss out on the unique combination here of the beet cured salmon, cream cheese, radish & herbs on a sesame seed bagel.

170 Elizabeth St. New York, NY 10012; Open Monday – Friday, 7a.m. to 3p.m. and 7a.m. to 6p.m. Saturday – Sunday.

2. Murray’s Bagels

What stands out with Murray’s is they’ve never toasted a bagel in their 20 years of being in business. The result of their traditional methods of hand rolling their bagels is a fresh and chewy bagel that always satisfies your carby craving. Pair your bagel with a cup of their freshly roasted coffee and your good to go. A highlighted item on the menu to really get your taste buds going is the everything bagel with lox spread.

500 6th Ave between 12th and 13th Streets in Greenwich Village; Open Monday – Friday, 6a.m. – 8p.m. and 6a.m. – 7p.m.

Best Bagels in NYC
Murray’s Bagels

3. Bergen Bagels

This is a personal favorite of mine, not only because it’s in my hometown of Brooklyn, but it carries that nostalgic atmosphere of a deli. Bergen Bagels also has a delicious variety of paninis and salads to chose from.  If you’re in the mood for a good morning bagel, their feta pesto cream cheese spread on a multigrain bagel is a unique option to try at Bergen.

473 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11217; Every day at 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

4. Bagel Oasis

Looking for homemade bagels and cream cheese without the extra preservatives or price? Then Bagel Oasis is your place.  Although Queens is not necessarily known for its bagels, this particular bagel place knocks that assumption out of the park and is worth a try when passing by the Fresh Meadows area. You can’t go wrong with their bacon cream cheese on a whole wheat bagel.  Another perk is that they are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

183-12 Horace Harding Expressway, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365; Monday – Sunday, 24 hours.

Best Bagels in NYC
Bagel Oasis

5. David’s Bagels

With boldness, this bagel shop proclaims itself as the best bagel shop in New York City.  There is truth to that.   Their bagels are so fresh, they stay hot even after some time out of the oven.  This local shop is the kind of place where just a plain bagel with cream cheese is done right.   If you’re craving something more, their egg and cheese concoctions are to die for and are arguably the best in the city.

273 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003; Monday – Sunday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

What’s your favorite place for getting the best bagels in NYC?

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