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Travel Back To The 20’s At These Authentic NYC Speakeasies

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By Eno Edet

Imagine walking into a regular old bar and being led to a secret party that can only be reached by pulling a freezer back to reveal a hidden spiral stair case that leads to another world of cocktails, music, and dancing; one of the hidden speakeasies in NYC.

Although the distinctness and flair of these venues depends on their secrecy, we can let you in on the whereabouts of some of our favorites spots around the city to find an atmosphere less common that may even take you straight back to the 1920’s Prohibition Era.  Here are a few of these unique hidden bars that we have discovered.

The Back Room (102 Norfolk St.)

Located on The Lower East Side, this hidden delight will transport you back in the 1920’s. Imagine sneaking in during the Prohibition Era and you might get even more of a rush from your experience.  At first glance, you may think this is just a humble, simple venue. But once you travel down those steps, approach that speakeasy-like door, and utter the password for the night, your perception about the whole place will change.  Due to the fact this is one of the two original speakeasies from the 1920’s they continue to serve their drinks in teacups and the music is always delightful.  Every time we’re there it’s like Duke Ellington is going to pop out and play a number at any minute.

cocktail at an NYC speakeasy
Cocktail at an NYC speakeasy. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Apotheke (9 Doyers St.)

Found in Chinatown, you will be surprised when you discover Apotheke amongst a rundown area in all its’ grandeur.   The venue has a cool décor and the music is chill. The place always attracts an eclectic crowd. Located in a back alley, it’s not a place that you usually find on purpose, but that’s the beauty of it. Between the mysterious energy and Chinatown’s fragrance, lies one of the city’s coolest hangouts.

La Esquina  (114 Kenmare St.)

We had probably been to this venue fifteen times before we knew of its’ other secrets to be discovered. They had us with their tacos they serve upstairs, but once we discovered what was going on downstairs, they became number one our my book. The food is delicious, the drinks are served to perfection, and the conversation is flowing. Located on Kenmare Street, the restaurant/bar can seem very unassuming, but once you get past the 1940’s exterior with books and records there’s a whole modern world that awaits you for a whole night out.

What are your favorite speakeasies in NYC? Please share in the comments below! 

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